Evelyn Whitell was an author living in Vancouver in the 1920s and again in the 1940's. According to M.A. Kyllo, who has collected materials pertaining to her life and writing career, during the early 1940s Whitell published Constructive Thinking ..., A monthly Magazine Devoted to the Spiritual Needs of the People’ from her home at 1405 West 39th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. She was the subject of an article in The Vancouver Sun, Saturday, September, 1945, Page 9, where she is said to have predicted the atomic bomb in one of her fairy tales.


Extra-Ordinary Mary

A California Poppy

The Motherhood of Man

The Woman Healer 1920 New Zealand

The Master Mind Los Angeles

Shekinah 1937 DeVorss Los Angeles

The Light of Gambier Island The Rally London

The Healing of the Hawaiian 1921 The Master Press Los Angeles

Lovingly In the Hands of the Father 1934 Unity School of Christianity Kansas City

The Psychology of Childhood L. N. Fowler and Co London

The Builder’s Crown of Jewels 1925 The Master Press Los Angeles

Service and Smiles L. N. Fowler and Co London

Silences for Youth H. T, Hamblin Bosham, Chichester

Healing Silences L. N. Fowler and Co London


A Fortune in a Dime Wycliffe Press Vancouver

The Housewife’s Prayer

Healing Leaves Wycliffe Press Vancouver

The Christmas Guest

Service and Smiles, The Story of a Hotel
In 1942-43

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