Anne Perdue was born in Winnipeg and has lived in Toronto and Vancouver. She studied English at U of T and graphic design at OCAD and paid for it all by working in a coal mine in Tumbler Ridge, BC, after which she returned to Toronto to work as a writer and graphic designer. In 2009, she graduated with honours from the U of T School of Continuing Studies Creative Writing program where she received the Marina Nemat Excellence in Creative Writing Award.


Iím A Registered Nurse Not A Whore ( Insomniac Press, London, ON, 2011)
ISBN 978-1-897415-30-6

Iím A Registered Nurse Not A Whore
Press Release (2011)

Toronto, April 6, 2011 ó When Anne Perdue received word her book ó Iím A Registered Nurse Not A Whore ó was going to be published by Insomniac Press, a jubilant blatting of horns and clanging of cowbells sounded out. It was February 2010. The country was awash with Olympic glory, and Anne was in her motherís condo in Greater Vancouver.

Anneís first instinct was to share the good news with her mother, but her mother had passed away five days earlier. As she struggled to find a way to deal with a painful loss, the idea of a book tour with her momís car was born.

So in honour of Marianne Perdue, proud Canadian, avid reader and purveyor of fine words, Anne is setting out in her momís 1989 Mustang, on the Letís See How Far This Car Will Go road trip book tour. And as far as the old Mustang wants to go ó is as far as the tour goes.

Phase one of the tour starts in Calgary, April 15, then hops to Vancouver on April 16, Courtenay on April 18th, then heads east with stops in Kelowna, Penticton, and Nelson B.C., as well as Saskatoon and Winnipeg.

If youíd like more information about the tour or to schedule an interview with Anne, please contact Gillian Rodgerson at, or Anne Perdue at

Additional information about the book and tour is available at

In Iím a Registered Nurse Not a Whore, a stressed-out dad, driven to frustration by the annual mother-in-law visit, sticks his yappy dog in the barbeque and watches in horror as his daughter reaches for the starter button; a struggling drywaller suffering from trench mouth devises his own treatment using a power drill; a lonely but feisty single mom tries to help save the world by billeting a young woman from Haiti while her own 21-year old son buys a gun and hides in the basement.

The darkly humorous stories in Iím A Registered Nurse Not A Whore will make you laugh, reflect, and yearn to carry on. A review in The Globe and Mail states, ďYou feel a series of soft blows to the gut, a bare-bones pathos emerging simply from events.Ē

ďPerdue builds gritty characters who are pathetically funny, keenly aware of their own flaws, and sometimes so realistic itís painful to read on,Ē says This Magazine.

And according to Maple Tree Literary Supplement, ďIt takes a special kind of artist to cuss like nobodyís business and still sound smart. Junot Diaz manages it, Mordecai Richler, too. Add Perdue to that list.Ē