ELLIOT, Kirsty

Author Tags: Poetry

Kristy Elliot wrote True (Leaf Press 2011), her first published chapbook. In the words of Charlotte Gill, "these poems are like valentines dropped in the snow. Pink feather boas and spruce trees. Glitter and firelight. But don't let the stardust fool you. There's something visceral and warm-blooded just under the surface."

Elliot lives on Lasqueti Island with her husband and two children.

[BCBW 2011]

True by Kirsty Elliot (Leaf $15.95)

from Hannah Main-Van-Der-Kamp

In the cover of true, a young woman in a green slip, green boa, and green boots wades through a green creek in a green landscape. That would presumably be Kirsty Elliot, the charmingly affectionate and unpretentious young mother/poet on mouldy Lasqueti Island. A tree nymph, sprightly and gutsy, even she has cravings for Vitamin D in the endless rain. This little volume, without solemnity or artifice, is a mix of the dreamy and the sensible. Greenly wet and irreverent, the style and content is quintessentially coastal. A memorable debut. 978-1-926655-23-9

[BCBW 2011]