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Printed by Friesens, WestCoast Reign: The British Columbia Soccer Championships, 1892-1905 (Self-published 2012) by Robert Janning of Vancouver is a coffee table book that gives an account of the early days of soccer in British Columbia, as its subtitle suggests. Early B.C. soccer players and organizers from all walks of life are introduced chronologically, as are the fields they played on, and modes of transportation used to get to the games. The sports’ first provincial association was organized from Nanaimo, the provincial hub for coal miners from Britain, in 1891. Janning describes how the governing body’s dictatorial rule did not go over well with other soccer enthusiasts around B.C. and so their growing frustrations eventually resulted in “a political power struggle of mutinous proportions.” Janning was inspired to pursue this project after taking a creative writing course from David Zieroth in Coquitlam. 978-0-9877478-1-5