JOYLENE, Nowell Butler

Author Tags: Aboriginal Authors, Fiction

Métis novelist Joylene Nowell Butler lives in a house she and her husband built, overlooking Cluculz Lake in central B.C., in 1992. Born in Manitoba, she grew up in Maple Ridge, B.C. and raised five boys in Prince George. She has followed her first novel Dead Witness (2008), written after the death of her father, with a wilderness thriller, Broken but not Dead (Theytus 2011). Resigning from her job at the University of Northern B.C., the protagonist Brendell Meshango retreats to an isolated cabin only to be stalked for two days by a mysterious man, who then disappears. When the stalker reappears and threatens her daughter, Brendell confronts the madman as well as her own fears and prejudices.


Dead Witness (2008)
Broken but not Dead (Theytus 2011). $18.96 978-1-926886-16-9

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