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Semi-retired and restless, Alberta-born Bob Foulkes decided to embark on a new adventure: learning the culinary art of French cuisine. Adventures with Knives (French Apple Press 2011) documents his six-month journey as a budding chef at Vancouver's Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. The book contains an appendix compiling his favourite recipes.

It was followed by a similar memoir that documents his restless nature as he decides to become a fitness buff. [See promotional literature below]

Bob Foulkes has worked in public relations.


Adventures with Knives: Surviving 1,000 Hours of Culinary School (Sandhill / french apple press 2011) 978-0-9866031-2-9 $21.95

Off The Couch and Out The Door by Bob Foullkes (Sandhill / Bunky Press, 2014) 978-0-9921207-0-2 $19.95

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Off The Couch and Out The Door
Publisher's Promo (2014)

"..At the age of 46 without a taut muscle in my body and weighing in at over 230 pounds, I bumbled and stumbled into my first grand adventure.”

Refusing to let looming retirement relegate him to the couch, writer Bob Foulkes embarked on a series of midlife adventures that both enlightened and tested him to his physical and mental limits. Bob’s stories of travel and discovery in Off The Couch and Out The Door will engage and stir adventure junkies and armchair explorers alike.
Somewhere around middle age, inspired by his children and determined to overcome a life characterized by stress, ennui and more than one bad habit, Bob Foulkes—“a poster boy for an early-onset heart attack”—sets out on his first big adventure. That Outward Bound trek through the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, while both physically and mentally demanding, opened the door to a lifetime of adventures that have energized, enlivened and inspired him ever since.

From marathons and triathlons to travelling, trekking and adventures of the heart and soul, Bob’s quests take us from beautiful locales in his own backyard to exotic, sometimes risky destinations. Over time, he becomes an unapologetic adventure junkie, compelling him to places as far-flung as Morocco, India, Kuwait, Ukraine and more.

Through animated detail and charming, at times self-deprecating, humour, Bob shows us that, whatever our age, means or circumstances, trying is more important than succeeding, and that everyone can have thrilling adventures. We just need a little discipline, a bit of enthusiasm, a dollop of common sense and, finally, a tiny push to get off the couch and out the door.