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According to Playwrights Canada, Trina Davies of Vancouver is a Saskatoon-born actor, writer and director whose plays include:

Multi User Dungeon (Alberta Playwrights Network Discovery Award 2000)

Shatter (Alberta Theatre Projects 24 Hour Playwriting Competition winner 2003, shortlisted for the Prism International Residency Prize 2003, shortlisted for 13th Street Repertory Theatre New Works of Merit 2004 (NYC), shortlisted for International Dramatic Literature Prize, Media Arts, Literature Sound (San Francisco))

The Auction (Writers Guild of Alberta Short Play Award 2002)

Waxworks (Alberta Playwriting Competition winner 2007).

The Romeo Initiative (2008)

Her plays have been read and/or performed at the Globe Theatre (Regina); Theatre Network (Edmonton); Citadel Theatre (Edmonton); Workshop West Theatre (Edmonton); Edmonton International Fringe Festival; Alberta Theatre Projects (Calgary); Ship’s Company (Parrsboro, Nova Scotia); Playwrights Theatre Centre (Vancouver); and the Canadian Stage Company (Toronto).

She has been a member of the Alberta Playwrights Network, the Playwrights Theatre Centre and the Playwrights Guild of Canada.

Shatter explores the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion of 1917, also the subject of Hugh MacLennan's first novel, Barometer Rising.

The Romeo Initiative examines the Stasi (East German secret police) program in which handsome male spies were sent to seduce West German secretaries in order to gain access to West German government intelligence in the 1970s. Single women far outnumbered single men in Berlin in the aftermath of World War II. Nonetheless timid, 30-year-old secretary Karin Richter can hardly believe her good fortune when she is courted by handsome Markus Richter.


Shatter (Playwrights Canada) 978-0-88754-813-0 $16.95

The Romeo Initiative (Playwrights Canada, 2012). 978-1-77091-053-9 $16.95

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