FULLER, Graham E.

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Graham Fuller’s Three Truths and a Lie is a memoir about Luke, a Korean adoptee who comes to an American family at age one and who gradually loses his way—to die from crack cocaine at age 21. It is also a story of his adoptive father, a CIA officer, who offers an unsparing and vivid account of his own efforts—wise, misguided, passionate, naïve, creative, ultimately unsuccessful—to save his son.

According to publicity materials, "Luke is warm, likeable, funny, quick to win friends—and a skilled deceiver, able to impress others with a seeming maturity and urbanity. But the image he works to create for himself is increasingly belied by the darker realities of his life and the black hole he creates around his family. The tale chronicles a poignant and tumultuous quest to grasp the meaning of Luke’s life—and death—against a broad international backdrop from Afghanistan to Latin America. It explores the mysteries of adoption, identity, addiction—and grace."

Graham E. Fuller is an independent writer, analyst, lecturer on Muslim World affairs and Adjunct Professor of History at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

He received his BA and MA at Harvard University in Russian and Middle Eastern studies. He served 20 years as an operations officer in the CIA, mostly the Muslim World, working in Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, North Yemen, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong. In 1982 he was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at CIA, and in 1986 Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council at CIA, with overall responsibility for all national level strategic forecasting.

In 1988 Mr. Fuller left government and joined the RAND Corporation where he was a Senior Political Scientist for 12 years. His research focused primarily on the Middle East, Central Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and problems of ethnicity and religion in politics. His studies for RAND include a provocative 1991 study on the geopolitical implications of the Palestinian “Intifada”; a series of studies on Islamic fundamentalism in Turkey, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Algeria; the survivability of Iraq (1993); the “New Geopolitics of Central Asia” after the fall of the USSR; and problems of democratization and Islam.

Fuller moved to BC in 2004 and lives in Squamish.


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