WESTING, Heather

Author Tags: Fiction

Having already been disappointed by a sailor’s attention, Holly is surprised to find herself falling in love with Eric, a handsome naval officer, whose child attends the Little Treasures daycare centre in Victoria, where she works. One of the reasons she falls for Eric, a single father, is his obvious love for his son, Ian. But can they make a successful trio, as a family? She eventually confides, “Eric, I’m a Christian, and while I know you know what that is, I want to make sure you know what that means. For starters, it means that I’m saving myself for marriage, no matter how much I love a man. This is non-negotiable.” In a refreshingly old school twist, the Bible School-educated heroine in Heather Westing’s debut novel A Lesson in Love (Promontory $11.99) wants to get her man into the church before she gets herself to the altar, or into bed. “Trust in the Lord, and He will do wonders,” she hopes. But first Eric, a widower, will have to unburden himself about his past.

Born in Winnipeg, Westing lives in Victoria.


A Lesson in Love (Promontory 2012) $11.99) 978-0-9866722-7-9

[BCBW 2013]