Hopeful humanism abounds in Sheryda Warrener's follow-up to her debut volume of poetry, Hard Feelings (Snare/Invisible 2010). In her collection Floating is Everything (Nightwood 2015), she writes to her father from balmy California to note "the voice / of the guy on the boardwalk in full uniform, / sign at his feet that reads Free Hugs, claiming / 'People'll spend $1.50 on a coffee at Starbucks over a chance / to hug a former soldier. That's true.' So far, no takers." We learn her three-year-old son likes to sing along to the John Lennon song 'Oh Yoko!, making a performance of it. "He voice lags a little behind, but in the early morning dark he's got that hopeful human feeling right." Upon publication, Warrener was teaching at UBC. Her poetry was previously shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. 978-088971-315-4



Floating is Everything (Nightwood $18.95)
Article (2015)

from BCBW (Autumn)
In Sheryda Warrener’s second poetry collection Floating is Everything (Nightwood $18.95), a retired cosmonaut returns from a record-breaking 438 days in space and attempts to re-immerse himself in the world; Morrissey and Cindy Sherman make cameo appearances; and influence and personal lineage are traced back to the Vikings.