FORWARD, Michael

Michael Forward grew up in North Vancouver where, as a student at Capilano University, he met his future-wife, Gabby. The couple relocated to her hometown of Kitimat where they married and where they are raising two sons, Noah and Luke. Upon Luke's birth, he took parental leave from his job as a financial advisor. During rare downtimes where everyone was either asleep or otherwise occupied, he wrote and self-published a junior novel, Alex Quinn and the Gemstones of Dunkel (CreateSpace $10.45). 1490448225

According to publicity materials: "Eleven-year-old Alex Quinn has grown up wondering what happened to his father, a famous archaeologist who vanished without a trace seven years ago. When Alex and his older brother Ryan discover a message from their father hidden in their study, along with a magical Gemstone, they are transported to the mystical realm of Dunkel. Now, Alex and Ryan must battle armies, living forests, perilous mountains, and a cruel-hearted ruler known as the Kreig. They are on a quest not only to discover the truth of what happened to their father, but to save all of Dunkel as well..."

[BCBW 2013]