WALDE, Christine

Author Tags: Kidlit & Young Adult

Christine Walde of Victoria has written Burning from the Inside (Cormorant 2013 9781770862463 $14.95), a young adult novel about a graffiti artist who is asked to infiltrate and inform upon a radical group of fellow artists called the G7.

According to publicity materials: "Getting caught is nothing new for graffiti-writer Thom, but this time it lands him in a youth detention centre. He’s offered a chance to clean his record — if he can infiltrate and inform on a group of writers known as the G7. Writing under his new identity, TNT, Thom gets the attention of the G7 … and the admiration of one of their members. Aura keeps having the dream: the one where her writer idol Story shows her The Ten—a legendary work of graffiti that holds the promise of quintessential truths. Aura’s obsession surrounding Story intensifies when a new graf bomber starts appearing over town: TNT. Not usually one for signs, Aura comes to believe that he is meant to show her the way to Tiger Mountain, the secret location of The Ten. In her search for the truth about Story, Aura is blind to the lies surrounding TNT. And as Thom gets closer to the G7, he questions the motives of the cop who put him up to it — and his wonders whether his own motives have changed.

[BCBW 2013]