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Jude Isabella of Victoria was a managing editor of YES Magazine, a science magazine for kids, for twelve years. She writes science books for kids. She has also written for The Walrus, New Scientist, the Loh Down on Science, Canadian Geographic, Medical Post, WILD Magazine, Readers Digest, Archaeology Magazine, BC Magazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Spirituality and Health Magazine, and The Tyee, focusing on science, health, and the environment.

Fantastic Feats and Failures won the American Institute of Physics award for writing in the childrens category. Chitchat: Celebrating the World's Languages (Kidscan 2014) won the American Institute of Physics Award for writing for children.

Isabella wrote Salmon: A Scientific Memoir (Rocky Mountain $20) after spending three years researching salmon and marine biodiversity for Masters degree in anthropology and writing. After a dozen or so field trips, she can remove otoliths from juvenile salmon and clean her face in the bush without soap.

The Red Bicycle (Kids Can, 2015) follows the journey of Big Red, Leo’s cherished bicycle, as it makes its way from North America to Africa. Leo is too big for his bike and donates it to a charity that ships it to Alisetta, a young girl in Burkina Faso. Alisetta can now travel much more quickly to her family’s farm and to the market. The next owner of Big Red is Haridata, a young woman who uses it to deliver medicine and carry sick people to the hospital. The Red Bicycle reveals how something as simple as a bicycle can have a powerful impact on lives half a world away. The book was shortlisted for a Christie Harris illustrated children's literature prize.


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