WALKER, Russell Robert

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Russel Walker was a journalist who covered British Columbia politics from the 1920s to the 2940s. Victoria correspondent for two Vancouver newspapers, he was himself a lobbyist and political organizer.

From the book jacket of Politicians of a Pioneering Province (Mitchell Press, 1969):

"Russell Walker, now in his eighties, once was the king of the political writers of his province, a confidant of policy makers, a mentor to the politically inexperienced, in contact with government. In this book he presents behind-the-scene pictures of what politics and politicians were like some half century ago. Here are the history-makers in their shirt sleeves, the foibles, the humour, the machinations of the politically-in and the politically-out in the ever-lasting game of winning and retaining power."

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
Politicians of a Pioneering Province


Politicians of a Pioneering Province (Mitchell Press, 1969)
Bacon, Beans 'N Brave Hearts (Lillooet Publishers, 1972)

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