WOODROFF, Jennifer

When Gwen O’Mahony became the first New Democrat and the first woman to ever win a provincial election campaign in a Fraser Valley riding--in a by-election held on April 19, 2012 for the Chilliwack-Hope seat--her victory sent shock waves through the governing provincial Liberal Party across BC. NDP leader Adrian Dix said O'Mahony's victory “changed the way politics is done in the Fraser Valley”. The truth of that statement remains to be seen. Meanwhile Jennifer Woodroff's account of O'Mahony's ascendancy chronicles that historic by-election victory and the local issues that propelled it.

According to Jennifer Woodroff [shown in photo], who worked on the unprecedented campaign and subsequently became O'Mahony's Constituency Assistant, O'Mahony's one year in office was a turbulent one, preceding a general election in which the governing party was projected to be jettisoned from power. Told as a first person narrative, Woodroff's insider's partisan narrative, NDP Country (One Woman's Army Services / Createspace 2014) doubles as an unusually fresh summary of how and why the NDP failed to win the 2013 provincial election.

Born in Vancouver, B.C., in 1961, Jennifer Woodroff grew up in Chilliwack. In the 1990s, she travelled extensively in Europe and the Middle East, living in Belgium, Italy, Denmark and Lebanon. During these years, she worked as a professional Middle Eastern dancer. Woodroff joined the New Democratic Party at the age of 14 and has been an active supporter for much of her life. In 2012, she worked in Gwen O'Mahony's election campaign and became O'Mahony's Constituency Assistant, sharing the ups and down of public office and the turbulent year preceding the 2013 general election with her. Jennifer Woodroff now divides her time between British Columbia and Mexico.


NDP Country (One Woman Army Services (on CreateSpace, a division of Amazon, 2014). $8.91 on Amazon.com and $4.49 on Kindle. 978-0-9936653-0-1

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