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Are you a trades professional starting your own business, but not making much money? It’s not enough to be at the top of your trade, you also need to know how to build a profitable company. Jack Borden's system in Faster, Cheaper, Better (Self-Counsel, 2015) helps beginning entrepreneurs learn how to be successful. From getting the best rates from suppliers to running your company with passion and purpose, this book explains how to run a prosperous, viable business in the trades.

Borden began his career in the trades and is now a prominent developer of residences for seniors in Western Canada. He has created personal success through his “faster, cheaper, better” method of doing business. Borden wrote this book to share his techniques and inspire others to create ethical, sustainable and successful businesses.


Faster, Cheaper Better: Starting and Operating a Business in the Trades (Self-Counsel Press, 2015) $14.95 9781770402126

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