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Reports of protests, demonstrations and revolutions β€” cases of citizens unwilling to live in fear under authoritarian conditions β€” appear frequently in the headlines. Certain television networks fill our living rooms with anxiety-fueled stories of crime and terrorism that make us feel unsafe in our own homes and communities. In Nothing to Lose but Our Fear (Between the Lines, 2015), Jeffries addresses the refusal to live in an environment of fear with β€œan international group of scholars and activists and asks them how can we think critically and act productively in a world awash in fear.”

Fiona Jeffries is a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities at Simon Fraser University, where she earned her PhD in Communications Studies. She also teaches at Carlton University.


Nothing to Lose but Our Fear: Resistance in Dangerous Times (Between the Lines, 2015) $24.95 978-1-77113-170-4

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