GARDAM, Heather

Author Tags: Kidlit & Young Adult

In Joan’s Summer (Promintory, 2015), the third book in Gardam’s series of “Patti stories,” Patti is now twelve years old and facing conflict with her friend Joan, who has become “perplexing, annoying, and just plain unacceptable.”

Patti’s biggest wish comes true in Little Guy (Promontory, 2015). Patti has the horse she always wanted, but there are some catches: he’s a lame horse, so she may never get to ride him, and she’s already grown attached even though technically he doesn’t belong to her. This is the second in Gardam’s series of “Patti stories.

In Life on the Farm (Promontory, 2015), Patti is ten years old and loves living on a farm with her family. Curious and determined, she is certain that she is old enough to learn the skills and perform the jobs necessary to contribute to the farm’s success. From publicity materials, “Sometimes her adventures turn out well, and sometimes they don’t, but for Patti they all add to what she knows about life.” The first in a series of “Patti stories” by Heather Gardam.

Heather Gardam grew up on a farm in Ontario and earned her B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria. She previously taught English and has published essays and articles in the United Church Observer and Cruising World. She lives on a small farm on Salt Spring Island.


Life on the Farm (Promontory Press, 2015) $9.95 9781927559840

Joan’s Summer (Promontory Press, 2015) $9.95 9781927559864

Little Guy (Promontory Press, 2015) $9.95 9781927559888

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