DARGèRE, Nicole

Author Tags: Fiction, First Nations

Originally from France, Nicole Dargère has crafted as a fanciful, lyrical, sasquatch story set near Harrison Hotsprings in the late 19th century. In Mystery Valley (Ekstasis $25.95), an elder of the Chehalis nation finds an abandoned sasquatch infant and raises it until it is welcomed by her community. With the intrusion of European trophy hunters, the Chehalis people unite to protect the sasquatch population who live in a place called Mystery Valley.

This novel was originally published in French as Mystery Valley ou Le secret du peuple de la rivière (Paris: L'Harmattan 2012). Nicole Dargère was raised in the small village of La Tour de Salvagny, near the city of Lyon. She immigrated to Toronto, Canada at age 24, eventually moving to Langley, B.C.


[BCBW 2015] "Sasquatch"