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The name is not memorable. Barbara Williams. But this B.C.-born actor has had a long and respected career in Hollywood, as outlined in her disturbing memoir, The Hope of Leaving (Penguin Random House 2016). It all began with her five years as an actor for Tamahnous Theatre. After headlining in Vancouver theatre productions, she moved to Toronto, then to Los Angeles and married counter-culture spokesman Tom Hayden of Chicago 8 fame. She has starred in TV series and films directed by Richard Pryor and John Sayles, and frequently appears in Canadian films. Also an activist, she has been involved in Friends of Clayoquot with Bobby Kennedy Jr.

"If you appreciate Mary Karr and Jeannette Walls, you'll want to read Williams's eloquent memoir of growing up in and out of the harsh lumber camps of British Columbia. In an honest, compelling voice devoid of self-pity, she tells of finding solace in nature's beauty, of grasping for shards of love. Through this painful, riveting journey, the bright, curious child manages to grow into a resilient, hopeful artist." Jane Fonda

"Authentic. Human. Unselfconscious. Beautifully crafted. The Hope in Leaving is a jewel of a book. -- Helen Hunt


The Hope of Leaving (Penguin Random House 2016) $24.95 9781609806729

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