One of the first to introduce herbal products made from the Indian Neem tree to Canada and the U.S., German Canadian Klaus Ferlow has penned Neem:Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity (Neem Research 2016). The book follows his discovery of of the healing properties of Neem and his journey to make Neem products available to North Americans. As a teenager, Ferlow had developed a stubborn case of psoriasis, which was resistant to all conventional and alternative medicines he tried. That changed when he encountered a plant - the Neem tree - that healers in India had been using for millenia. As a manufacturer of botanicals, Ferlow was favourably situated to begin manufacturing a variety of new Neem-based products, as early as 1994. In 2013, he founded Neem Research to promote and preserve the Neem tree.

Klaus Ferlow lives in Mission, B.C.


Neem:Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity (Neem Research 2016) $27.28 978-0993727504

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