MANN, Lucia

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Lucia Mann is a self-described former slave and a former British journalist who has founded the the North American Modern-Day Slavery Reporting Center. She came to Canada in 1992 to aid the Manitoba government with environmental issues and moved to BC a year later. She became a Canadian citizen in 2000. Born in the wake of World War II in what was then the British colony (Commonwealth) of South Africa, she is of Sicilian and British descent. For five decades she has fought for change to combat "the heinous trade in human flesh." Her novels in the African Freedom Series are inspired by real events.


(The Sicilian Veil of Shame - (Grassroots) 2016
Rented Silence - (Grassroots Publishing Group) 2016
A Veil of Blood Hangs over Africa - (Grassroots) 2015
Africa's Unfinished Symphony - (Grassroots) 2013

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FROM Focus on Women Magazine:

A white newborn, whose mother is desperate to spare her child the agony of life as a sex slave, is buried alive in the South African dirt and left for dead. After being rescued by a black runaway, the baby girl is raised in a village kraal surrounded by love and inspired by freedom … until her evil biological father locates her, steals her, and brutally abuses her over many years.

After suffering through such an ordeal, a woman could choose to live a life of mere survival, one that lacks the drive to participate in and contribute to the world around her. We would all understand that person’s preference to quietly insulate herself from society. But Lucia Mann chose, instead, to surpass mere survival by drumming up the strength to overcome her vulnerabilities, mobilizing the courage to extend beyond herself, and dedicating her life to freeing others from similar horrific plights.

You will not hear a “poor me” from Lucia Mann. Instead, you will see a woman who, after an excruciating childhood, learned to read late in life, educated herself in several noble professions, and used her journalistic talents to expose dark stories that yearned for sunlight. In 1998 Lucia transitioned from a successful career as a journalist to become a passionate global gladiator. Her weapons of choice have been books and organizations that punch modern-day slavery in the gut.

The first book in her African series, Rented Silence, is based on events in her own life. Lucia’s story takes you on a telling journey through post-WWII Africa. Her remarkable characters open readers’ eyes to the painful secrets of those times, and inspires them to treasure freedom and justice.

Africa’s Unfinished Symphony captivates its readers with stories of the intense conflicts that existed between archaic tribal customs and modern influences in post-WWII Africa. This book immerses its audience with historic African themes designed to jolt readers out of complacency.

A Veil of Blood Hangs over Africa tells the story of innocent women and children who were violently ripped from their peaceful homeland and herded into the filthy bowels of illegal slave ships, not able to anticipate the cruelty that lay ahead of them.

Lucia Mann does not tolerate complacency in herself or in others. She continually prods, exposes, demands, and rectifies until she can declare with certainty that the thrust of her verbal sword has brought down an evil perpetrator and/or rescued an innocent victim. Her resolve is sturdy and vigorous, and her passion is robust and unlimited.

Lucia Mann resides in British Columbia, Canada. You can help her report modern day slavery by visiting, or learn about her books and articles at