Author Tags: Fiction, Kidlit & Young Adult

In Secrets of the Painted Door (Oolichan 2016) Anna is sent to live with her eccentric Grandfather and artist at his studio for the summer holidays. Her fear of a boring and lonesome summer is put to an end with a chance meeting on the ferry, secret gathering in the garden, and a mysterious painted door. This door not only opens to ancient adventures, magical and dangerous, but also opens to opportunities for friendship and self-discovery.

Dividing her time between living in the Canadian Rockies and sailing the Caribbean Sea, Pepper CouŽlle-Sterling was inspired by her artist father to achieve a graduate degree in Art History from the University of Toronto. Secrets of the Painted Door (Oolichan 2016) is her debut novel.


Secrets of the Painted Door (Oolichan 2016)$14.95, 978-0-88982-319-8