WHITE, Merlyn

Author Tags: Humour

Merlyn White initially started writing Revelations of an Ugly Old Hag (self-published 2017) to describe how one feels when they go into a retirement home. She quickly realized the satire and humor in many of the situations she was describing and turned her story into a parody, with the heroine being her alter ego, Dolly Delanty (also the pen name that White uses). In addition to publishing her new book, White has written, directed, and produced her own stage plays and written monologues for actors. Prior to retiring, White was also a professional vocalist, lecturer on Australian Aboriginal art, and a restaurant owner and chef.

White currently lives in a retirement community in Port Coquitlam.


Revelations of an Ugly Old Hag (self-published 2017) 978-1-5245-3278-9 (Hard Cover), 978-1-5245-3277-2 (Soft Cover)

[BCBW 2017]