COHEN, Martin S.

Author Tags: Fiction, Jewish, Religion

Born on June 1, 1953 in New York, Cohen immigrated to Vancouver in 1986 to oversee the congregation at the Beth Tikvah Synagogue in Richmond. An ordained rabbi, he holds a Ph.D. in history of ancient Judaism. In 1999 he left Canada to take over a position in California. Cohen is unusual for dividing his writing between academic/relgious works and murder mysteries.


Shi`ur qomah: Liturgy and Theurgy in Pre-Kabbalistic Judiasm (University Press of America, 1982)
Shi`ur qomah: Texts and Recensions (1984)
Travels on the Private Zodiac: Essays on Jewish Life, Ritual and Spirituality (Moonstone, 1993)
In Search of Wholeness: Seeking Spiritual Integrity in a Delusional World (Moonstone, 1995)
Travels on a Road Not Taken: Towards A Bible-Based Theory of Jewish Spirituality (Moonstone, 1997)
The Truth About Marvin Kalish: A Novel (Ben Simon, 1992)
Light From Dead Stars (Coteau Books, 1996)
The Sword of Goliath (Coteau Books, 1998)
Heads You Lose (Ekstasis, 2003)

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Heads You Lose (Ekstasis $19.95)

Welcome to the strange world of Saul Jacobson, a young Bible professor who loses his wife, job and brother. He takes off on a Western Canadian road-trip and picks up a runaway teenager, whom he tries stubbornly to befriend. “Somehow the idea of sharing the road with a sullen 19-year-old who liked sweet coffee and whose mother had drowned herself appealed to me.” Cohen, a rabbi, is a crime writer and Bible scholar. Heads You Lose is touted as ‘highly recommended for fans of Biblical decapitation.’ 1-896860-93-1

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The Sword of Goliath (Coteau $19.95)

Mikey Prager and Fred Finkleman run a successful, albeit unusual business -- providing decorated ice-cream tombstones to mourners so they can eat away their grief. But their venture takes a bizarre twist when they are asked to provide ice-cream matzevahs from an ancient Jewish cemetary in Prague in The Sword of Goliath (Coteau $19.95) by Martin S. Cohen.

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