HAMILTON, Jane Eaton

Author Tags: Fiction, Poetry

“Jane Eaton Hamilton is a fine and accomplished writer.” -- Carol Shields

Jane Eaton Hamilton lived in Ontario, St. Louis, Phoenix, NYC, Alberta, outside Nelson, B.C. and on Saltspring Island before settling with her wife, Joy Masuhara, and their two daughters, Sarah and Meghann Hamilton, in Vancouver. She is a community activist who, with her wife and several other couples across Canada, took the federal government to court to fight for same-sex marriage rights. Their case wound up as a reference question at the Supreme Court of Canada in 2004, and marriage rights have been granted across most of Canada. Jane Eaton Hamilton's work has appeared in various anthologies including The Spirit of Writing (ed Mark Robert Waldman, Penguin, Canada) and The Writer's Presence 4e. (ed Robert Atwan, Bedford/St. Martin's). She is also a fine art, portrait and wedding photographer, and a Master Gardener.

CITY: Vancouver, BC

DATE OF BIRTH: July 19, 1954

PLACE OF BIRTH: Hamilton, Ontario



Books shortlisted for BC Book Prize, VanCity Award, Pat Lowther Award, Ferro-Grumley Award.

Winner Prism International, Event, Grain, Paragraph and Cdn. Poetry Chapbook prizes.

Ferro-Grumley Award for best lesbian book. Shortlisted for Hunger, 2003

Prism International short story contest. First prize winner for Sperm King.

CBC Literary Competition, 2003, first prize winner for The Lost Boy.


Weekend (Caitlin Press 2016) $17.95 978-1-55152-635-5
Love Will Burst into a Thousand Shapes (Caitlin Press 2014) $16.95 978-1-927575-57-4
Hunger, stories, Oberon, 2002
Going Santa Fe ,poetry chapbook, League of Cdn Poets, 1998
Steam-Cleaning Love, poetry, Brick Books, 1993
July Nights and Other Stories, stories, Douglas and McIntyre, 1992
Body Rain, poetry, Brick Books, 1991
Jessica's Elevator, children's, Beach Holme, 1989

[BCBW 2016] "Fiction"

Hunger (Oberon $15.95)

Quirky stories with serious issues. In Lifeboat, Ted’s wife loses a breast to cancer. He unwittingly becomes a thief at a breast-cancer symposium. “Ted could see Mary Elena behind the table where he’d stolen the teaching breast, in animated discussion, gesticulating, her arms circling like tires. She would realize the breast was missing. She’d know he’d taken it, too, right off. She would summon security guards who’d force him, in front of everyone, to turn out his pockets, to relinquish it.” 0-7780-1203-4

[Spring 2003 BCBW]

Outside of the Ordinary
Info (2005)

Lorna Crozier, Jane Eaton Hamilton and Amanda Stevens are the three B.C. contributors to Outside of the Ordinary: Women’s Travel Stories (Second Story Press, 2005). Crozier considers the disappeared in Chile; in New Zealand. Stevens confronts her fear of hitchhiking. In Hamilton’s account of travelling to Mexico as a lesbian couple, feeling obliged to tick the box marked ‘Single’ at the Puerto Vallarta airport, she and her partner slowly agree to seek a same-sex marriage back home. Along the way the narrator is asked, “What is the difference between a Canadian and canoe?” A canoe tips. Her partner Joy, a Japanese Canadian recovering from cancer surgery, consents to accept their next struggle: confronting the Canadian government. "I have a woman, and I want her to be my wife," says the narrator. "She has a woman and she wants to marry her. What we want is something every other Canadian--jailed Canadians, infertile Canadians, old Canadians, divorced Canadians, Canadians who smoke--can have unthinkingly, without anybody asking questions. I want to marry the girl of my dreams."