BEERS, David

A California native, David Beers is the chief editorial force beyond, a weekly website of news and opinions concerning life in British Columbia.

He won a National Magazine Award in 1993 for his essay The Crash Of Blue Sky California, which appeared in Harper’s. He is a former editor of the San Francisco Examiner’s Sunday magazine and Mother Jones. His work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Vogue, the Los Angeles Times Magazine and The Nation.

Beers came to Vancouver in the 1990s and quickly gained entry to the Pacific Press hierarchy, hoping to greatly improve book coverage in The Vancouver Sun. After he fell out of favour, he published an ‘insider’s view’ of what was wrong with The Vancouver Sun after they let him go.

Blue Sky Dream: A Memoir of America’s Fall From Grace (Doubleday 1996) is about growing up in middle-class suburban California.

David Beers lives with his wife Deidre and daughter Nora.


Blue Sky Dream: A Memoir of America’s Fall From Grace (Doubleday 1996)

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At the World's Edge

With a foreword by Tyee editor David Beers, Claudia Cornwall’s At the World's Edge-Curt Lang’s Vancouver, 1937-1998 (Mother Tongue $29.95) is tribute to beat poet and painter turned Renaissance man Curt Lang who met Malcolm Lowry as a teenager and befriended poets Al Purdy, Peter Trower, John Newlove, and Jamie Reid; artists Fred Douglas, David Marshall, and Roy Kiyooka; and musicians Al Neil, and Glenn MacDonald. A street photographer in the early 1970s, he later built boats and fished in the Prince Rupert vicinity. In his forties, he was awarded two patents, and started several companies, within the high-tech industry. He also developed hardware and software for the railroad industry that today is used all over North America. At the World’s Edge includes Lang’s unpublished photographs of Vancouver, as well as previously unpublished drawings, paintings, and poetry. Claudia Cornwall draws on conversations during her (and her husband’s) twelve-year friendship with Curt. 978-1-896949-17-8