HUME, Stephen Eaton

Author Tags: Kidlit & Young Adult

CITY/TOWN: Victoria, B.C.

DATE OF BIRTH: May 13, 1947

PLACE OF BIRTH: Dallas, Texas



EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Teaches English and writing at the University of Victoria


Ben Franklin's War. Beach Holme, 2006

Red Moon Follows Truck. Victoria: Orca Book Publishers, 2001. A picture book about an eventful road trip across North America, and a child's discovery that love never ends. Illustrated by Leslie Elizabeth Watts. Starred review in Quill & Quire, Canada's magazine of book news and reviews. Starred "Our Choice" selection, Canadian Children's Book Centre.

Frederick Banting: Hero, Healer, Artist. Montreal: XYZ Publishing, 2001. A biography of Dr. Frederick Banting, whose work led to the discovery of insulin. Part of the Quest Library series on the lives of great Canadians.

A Miracle for Maggie. Vancouver: Beach Holme Publishing, 2000. A novel about a teenage girl and her battle with diabetes, set in Nova Scotia during the 1920s. Nominated for the Canadian Library Association's Book of the Year Award for young-adult fiction.

Rainbow Bay. Vancouver: Raincoast Books, 1997. Hume lyrically recalls a day in the life of a boy and his dog. It's morning on the Gulf Islands, the tide is low and treasures the sea has hidden are revealed -- shells, jelly fish, a sunken ship. Bold illustrations by Vancouver artist Pascal Milelli show the boy gathering clams for supper, battling dragonflies, feasting on strawberries warm from the late afternoon sun. Suddenly it's night, the deer come out, and green tuxedoed frogs announce high tide. The sea has returned to Rainbow Bay. Illustrated by Pascal Milelli. Recommended "starred" choice of the Canadian Children's Book Centre. The Amicus Journal, published by the Natural Resources Defense Council in New York, named Rainbow Bay one of the best 12 environmental books for children of the past 30 years.

Midnight on the Farm. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1992. A mystical poem about sleep. Illustrated by Regolo Ricci. Canadian Children's Book Centre, "Our Choice."

[BCBW 2006] "Kidlit"

Frederick Banting: Hero, Healer, Artist (XYZ Publishing, $15.95)

As great ideas often do, the seed for a substance to combat diabetes came to Frederick Banting during a sleepless night. The decorated war hero, who served as a medical officer in France, became the first Canadian to receive the Nobel Prize for his part in the discovery of insulin. A painter whose closest friend was the artist A. Y. Jackson, Banting, knighted in 1934 and showered with money, awards and the gratitude of diabetics, hated the public spotlight. Author Stephen Eaton Hume, who currently teaches at the University of Victoria, reveals a compelling and complex man in Frederick Banting: Hero, Healer, Artist (XYZ Publishing, $15.95), twelfth in a series of Canadian biographies. 0-9688166-3-0


Ben Franklin's War
Press Release

A motley crew of orphans hides inventor Ben Franklin from the British Redcoats during the American War of Independence. After his “wonderful airship” crashes near St. Francis of Assisi’s Home for Foundlings in Quebec City, Franklin is thrown slightly off course in his plan to coax Canada into joining the Americans in their fight against England’s rule. Sixteen-year-old Michael Flynn is deaf and was abandoned by his parents who were convinced that demons “seized his tongue and prevented him from speaking.” He leads his best friends, White Rat and Briony, through the dangerous spy portals of underground Montreal carrying secret messages to ensure Franklin eludes the gallows. When Michael’s sign language inspires the great scientist to create a top-secret spy code, Michael and his friends are flung headlong into an adventure they’ll never forget.

5.25 X 8.25 Trade paperback 120 pp ISBN 0-88878-438-4 $9.95 CDN $6.95 US