SCOTT, Marianne

Marianne Scott grew up in the Netherlands and came to North America as a teenager. She rediscovered her seafaring roots when she and her husband, David, sailed to Bora Bora and back on their Nigara 35, Starkindred. She lives in Victoria, about 40 feet from the Juan de Fuca Strait, where she writes regularly for Pacific Yachting, Cruising World, Northwest Yachting and other marine publications.

During her time on the West Coast, Scott met a variety of remarkable people whose lives revolve around the sea — racing sailors, scientists, yacht designers, adventurers, boat builders, writers, painters, and eccentrics. She conducted interviews from Tacoma to Bella Bella to create a collection of short biographical portraits, Naturally Salty (Touchwood, 2003). It includes the likes of hermit Bob Stewart, who lives in a tiny floathome on Potts Lagoon; publisher Tom Kincaid, founder of Nor'westing magazine; writer and entrepreneur Charlie White of "how-to" fishing-book fame; shipwreck hunter and Vancouver Maritime Marine Museum director James Delgado; 'hot-vent' biologist Verena Tunnicliffe; Orca specialist Paul Spong; mountaineer Jim Whittaker, the first American to scale Mount Everest before turning blue-water sailor; internationally renowned yacht designers Bob Perry and Ted Brewer; lighthouse-keeper Flo Anderson; author Edith Iglauer of Fishing with John.

Scott also co-wrote a memoir for Vancouver-based luxury yacht builder Ben Vermeulen, Before I Forget...a Memoir (self-published 2015). Vermeulen survived the World War II occupation of the Netherlands and overcame dyslexia to develop mechanical skills, immigrate to Canada and become an award winning entrepreneur by becoming Canada's biggest luxury yacht builder. His is a quintessential rags-to-riches immigrant story.


Naturally Salty (TouchWood Editions, 2003) $18.95

Before I Forget...a Memoir (self-published 2015) 978-0-9948154-0-8

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Naturally Salty (TouchWood Editions, $18.95)

Marianne Scott of the Netherlands rediscovered her seafaring roots when she and her husband sailed to Bora-Bora and back. Based in Victoria, she has interviewed 31 West Coasters for Naturally Salty (TouchWood Editions, $18.95). Among her subjects such as the Potts Lagoon hermit Bob Stewart, shipwreck hunter James Delgado; orca specialist Paul Spong and Fishing with John author Edith Iglauer, last but not least there’s 75-year-old Charlie White. This edited synopsis of the life of Charlie White is drawn from Marianne Scott’s profile. White has started more than 30 businesses including Victoria’s Undersea Gardens, operated his publishing company, co-founded CHEK-TV, invented newfangled gizmos and fished with clients such as Kevin Costner and Bob Hope—when he wasn’t busy catching readers. Back in 1969, when Charlie White was an ex-fishing guide, a local newspaper editor asked him to jot down an article on how to catch crabs. “I decided it could be a little book and I dictated it in a couple hours.” A local printer said he’d be lucky to sell 500. Since then Charlie White has been more than lucky. He’s been damned smart. Reputedly his How to Catch Crabs has sold 100,000 copies. Instead of selling for a buck, as it did originally, it sells for $8.95. White’s second book, How to Catch Salmon: Basic Techniques, encouraged him to release more how-to fishing titles such as How to Catch Trout, How to Catch Shellfish, Quick Tips for Catching Halibut, etc. For a guy who gets seasick on rough water, it’s been a strange route to becoming a fishing guru. 1-894898-03-6

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