HADLEY, Michael

Author Tags: Maritime, Religion

University of Victoria professor of Germanic Studies Michael Hadley co-wrote Tin Pots and Pirate Ships with Ottawa historian Roger Sarty. It reveals the origins of the Canadian tradition of building a naval fleet when needed, then dismantling it, by studying Canadian naval forces and German sea raiders known as the 'Kaiser's Pirates' from 1880 to 1918. Hadley also wrote U-Boats Against Canada: German Submarines in Canadian Waters as well as Count Not the Dead: The Popular Image of the German Submarine.

Hadley's non-military title is God's Little Ships: A History of the Columbia Coast Mission (Harbour, 1995), a study of the Columbia mission boats that were introduced as of 1904 to provide medical care to small communities and logging camps along the B.C. coast in association with five hospitals. These were located at Rock Bay (1905-1945), Van Anda (1907-1920), Alert Bay (1909-1946), Carriden Bay (1920-1928) and Pender Harbour (1930-1952). With the introduction of medical support by air in the 1970s, the Anglican service was disbanded in 1982. It was started by John Antle who remained as chief administrator until 1936.

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