PERRY, Robert

Author Tags: Kidlit & Young Adult

Robert Perry first published Music of the City (Abacus Typographers Ltd., 1991) while living in Vancouver.

With illustrator Greta Guzek of the Sunshine Coast, he has collaborated for a bestselling children's book for very young children, The Ferryboat Ride (Harbour), as well as My Vancouver Sketchbook (Nightwood 2001; 2010) and Down at the Seaweed Cafe (Raincoast, 2002; Nightwood 2010). He lives in Victoria where he teaches English.

[BCBW 2010]

Down at the Seaweed Café

CARE FOR A CUP OF SEAWEED TEA? TRY ROBERT PERRY’s DOWN at the Seaweed Café (Raincoast $21.95). With illustrations by the Sunshine Coast’s Greta Guzek, Perry’s poem takes you from early morning where “the boats go by and flocks of birds circle the sky” to tranquil night when “the sky is now a starlit dome; the boats are all parading home.” My Vancouver Sketchbook (Raincoast $18.95), employs similar rhyming text and cheerful illustrations. Perry and Guzek present young Marina as she fills her sketchbook with happy memories of a day in Vancouver, from Spanish Banks to Nitobe Gardens, Robson Street to Grouse Mountain. Seaweed Cafe1-55192-473-0; Sketchbook 1-55192-436-6 (2003)

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