The Girl with the Full Figure is Your Daughter (Turnstone $16.95)

There is no indication on the cover of Oscar Martens’ The Girl with the Full Figure is Your Daughter (Turnstone $16.95) that his stories reveal sordid and sadistic tendencies. Planes crash. Corporate secrets are stolen. A young girl is murdered.

In Leila’s Suburban Grass, a cynical investor searches for meaning. “Without grass, without earth contact, there is no point of reference to balance out abstraction. I have $472,000 and every day I try to decide if that makes me rich.”

She evaluates the men she dates, using a concise format for each review—including ‘Distinguishing Marks’ and ‘Preferred Position.’ She finally settles on Andrew, who is afraid of grass stains, yet understands her barefoot urges.

“When we played [lawn darts] as kids sometimes one of us would throw the dart straight up by accident and no one could see where it went because of the sun and everyone would scream and cover their heads and wait for that dart to come down, wait forever under the hot sun.”

Oscar Martens lives in Burnaby.—J.T. 0-88801-272-1 (2003)

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