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As a naval reserve officer in 1979, Ferguson visited HMCS Okanagan and its crew and began her abiding interest in submarines. She has written Through a Canadian Periscope: The Story of the Canadian Submarine Service (Dundurn Press, 1995 and 2014) and Deeply Canadian (Beacon, 2000) which explains why Canada was acquiring replacement submarines at the turn of the Millennium. She has written for USNI Proceedings and Sentinel, produced e-booklets for writers.
As a professional speaker, Ferguson has presented at the Surrey International Writers' Conference, taught for the Vancouver Community College;s Creative Writing program, and facilitates one of the Port Moody Writers' Groups
As a freelance writer/photographer, her subjects include travel, Canadian naval, church, B.C. history, and writing.
She is married to James Ferguson, a former commanding officer of HMCS/M Okanagan, and they share two children and three grandchildren.

Ferguson's Sing a New Song (Dundurn 2006) tells the stories of four Canadian bishops who embraced unpopular causes. George Hills, David Somerville, Douglas Hambidge and Michael Ingham encountered severe opposition as they separately fought for the rights of blacks, aboriginals, women, and gays and lesbians. One was at the centre of the only Anglican schism in Canadian history; two jeopardized their careers; one was voted the sixth most important person of the twentieth century whose world view has transformed society. Ferguson chronicles the impact these four ground-breaking bishops have had on Canadian society, while delving into their personal and spiritual lives.

Julie H. Fergusonís YA biography James Douglas: Father of British Columbia (Dundurn 2009) includes fictionalized excerpts from Douglasí letters and journal to trace the story of how a mixed-race boy from British Guiana became the most powerful man in early British Columbia. 978-1-55488-409-4

CITY/TOWN: Port Moody

DATE OF BIRTH: 18 August 1945



EMPLOYMENT OTHER THAN WRITING: Professional speaker, writing instructor


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