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Coastal Hikes: A Guide to West Coast Hiking Trails in British Columbia and Washington State (Wild Isle Publications, 2007) is "a guide to the best ocean-side trails in the Pacific Northwest, including the West Coast Trail."

More than a dozen west coast hikes have been described in a new guidebook, Coastal Hikes, by Quadra Island self-publisher Philip Stone. Coastal Hikes is the third volume in Stone's Wild Isle series of guidebooks to coastal adventure, joining Island Alpine and Island Turns and Tours. It describes the well-known coastal hiking expeditions like the Cape Scott Lighthouse Trail and the West Coast Trail but also features hikes along the Tatchu and Hesquiat peninsulas. In all, Coastal Hikes covers over 800 km of trekking from Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, up the length of Vancouver Island's west coast, and the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Stone also outlines the newly constructed North Coast Trail which runs from Shushartie Bay, north of Port Hardy, along the coast of the new Shushartie-Nahwitti Provincial Park addition to join the trail network at Cape Scott. The North Coast-Nahwitti Trail has been a long-term project that is nearing completion with its public opening scheduled for sometime in the spring of 2008. Stone provides numerous photographs, detailed maps and a first-hand written description.

Other trails found in Coastal Hikes include: the North and South Coast Wilderness on the Olympic Peninsula; the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail; the West Coast Trail; Flores Island's Wild Side Trail; the Hesquiat Peninsula; Nootka Island; the Tatchu Penisula; Brooks Peninsula; Cape Scott and the North Coast-Nahwitti trail, the Sunshine Coast Trail and the epic hoof around Naikoon Provincial Park in Haida Gwaii.


Coastal Hikes: A Guide to West Coast Hiking Trails in British Columbia and Washington State (Wild Isle Publications, 2007) 978-0-968076-67-5

Coastal Hikes (self-published)

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Island Alpine
Press Release

from Wild Isle Publications
'Island Alpine' is the work of Quadra Island-based publisher and mountaineer Philip Stone. After 15 years of 'research' and 10 months of production... in 488 pages, Stone describes the hiking and climbing routes on 275 Vancouver Island mountains. The jagged mountain backbone of the Vancouver Island ranges runs uninterrupted 350 kilometres from the Cowichan valley near Victoria (British Columbia's provincial capital) to Quatsino Sound at the north-west end of the island. At the ranges' heart is Strathcona Provincial Park, where peaks soar to over 7,000 feet, attracting climbers to their summits and hikers to wander the ridges and valleys that weave in between.

Routes in the guide range from technical multiday mixed routes to easy walk ups... Photographs (there are over 550 of them) illustrate both the hiking routes and the technical climbing routes established in the Island mountains in over a century of surveying and exploration, and the many millennia of habitation and travel by First Nations people. The lore of early pioneers and the exploits of both world renowned alpinists and local aficionados mix to complete this book as not only a guide for future exploration but as a historical record...

"While writing this guide I kept finding mountains and even whole ranges I had never noticed before," Stone says. "That made me realize just how big the Island is and how little has been climbed. Hopefully this guide will change that by lifting the veil of secrecy off these peaks."

Island Alpine ($39.95) Wild Isle Publications: PO Box 482, Heriot Bay BC V0P

[Excerpts from press release, June, 2003]