ROOMY, David

Born in Logan, West Virginia, he became a landed immigrant of Canada in 1989, and holds dual citizenship. He has a Master of Divinity Degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York. He works as a Jungian therapist, and has given lectures and workshops throughout the U.S. He came to Vancouver in 1999 to take charge of a training program for therapists and students of the inner life at Langara College.
Selected Publications:

Inner Journey to Sacred Places. Raleigh, North Carolina: Pentland Press, 1997.

Inner Work in the Wounded and Creative: The Dream in the Body. London, U.K.: Penguin/Arkana, 1990.

Inner Journey To Sacred Places (Pentland Press US $13.95)

"Dreams, because they take us to such mysterious places, seem to be the best possible way of expressing something which is otherwise inexpressible," according to Jungian psychotherapist David Roomy.

Roomy, resident director of a training group for therapists in Vancouver, is the author of Inner Journey To Sacred Places (Pentland Press US $13.95), which is based on finding one's life goal through the use of dream interpretation and various healing processes.

"I have found that the wounds in our deeper psyche may actually be trying to heal themselves through our dreams, relationships and body symptoms," says Roomy, who has worked and lectured extensively throughout Canada, the United States and Britain.

"Some of the richest journeys are taken to an inner landscape where symbols are met and known in their fullness," asserts Roomy. "These important inner images have within them the power to change one's life."

[BCBW 1997]