Before Wings (Orca)

Orca author Beth Goobie, a rare writer who doesn’t like her picture appearing in the press, has won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature with Before Wings.


Before Wings (Orca $8.95)

Two years after having survived a brain aneurysm, 15-year-old Adrien, working at her aunt’s summer camp, finds a soul mate in the camp handyman, who believes he’s seen his own death foretold. Before Wings (Orca $8.95), by Beth Goobie, explores the spirit world, caught between the kingdoms of the living and the dead. Goobie won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Children’s Literature this year for Before Wings.

[Louise Donnelly / BCBW 2001]

I'm Not Convinced (Red Deer $9.95)

Grade eight is tough. Especially as Sharon tries to fit in at a new school and her mother begs her to be nice to Uncle Bert, who rants about fags and stupid dames and the cost of breakfast. Sharon hides behind her hair, and tries to disappear, but unexpected friendship with two fellow eighth graders changes her life. I'm Not Convinced (Red Deer $9.95) follows author Beth Goobie's Mission Impossible, nominated for a Governor-General's Award.

[BCBW 1997]