When he wasnít doctoring, Al Holley was a Justice of the Peace, a cowboy, a dog musher and a stagecoach driver.

Admired by the likes of Chilcotin author Paul St. Pierre, Al Holley established one of BCís first Intensive Care Units at Quesnel and survived innumerable mishaps on his rural beat.

After serving the region for 30 years, Holley retired and caught the acting bug. He was a fixture at historic Barkerville where he played a teamster named Snodgrass and the townís doctor. A noted storyteller, Al Holley wrote this autobiography after suffering a stroke in 1997. Donít Shoot from the Saddle (Heritage $16.95) traces the life of this Cariboo doctor and frontier surgeon who seemed happiest in the saddle riding along the Blackwater River. He died in October, 2000. 1-894384-08-3


Donít Shoot from the Saddle (Heritage House)

Al Holleyís medical memoir Donít Shoot from the Saddle has been a big hit in the Cariboo.