TULLY, James

University of Victoria instructor and author of:

An Approach to Political Philosophy, Locke in Contexts. Cambridge UP, 1993.
A Discourse on Property: John Locke and his Adversaries. Cambridge, 1984.
Une Etrange Multiplicite. Presses de líUniversitie Laval, 1999.
Locke: A Letter Concerning Toleration. Hackett, 1998.
Locke: Droit Naturel et Propriete. Presses Universitaires de France, 1992.
Meaning and Context: Quentin Skinner and His Critics. Princeton UP, 1982.
Philosophy in an Age of Pluralism. Cambridge UP, 1994.
Strange Multiplicity: Constitutionalism in an Age of Diversity. Cambridge UP, 1995.

Editor of:

On the Duty of Man and Citizen by Samuel Pufendorf. Cambridge, 1991.

Co-editor of:

Multinational Democracies. Cambridge, 2001. [A-G. Gagnon]