Former publisher of B.C.’s Northern Times Newsmagazine, Cathers has directed a ministry policy secretariat, a communications corporation, a university journalism program and a health-planning consultancy. He is the author of Beloved Dissident: Eve Smith (Blyth, Ontario: Drumadraby Press, 1997).

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Beloved Dissident Eve Smith (Drumadravy Books $22.95)

"I wanted to rescue Eve Smith from the undeserved anonymity that has obscured some of the best of women's radical endeavour and experience in Canada," says Arthur Cathers, author of Beloved Dissident Eve Smith (Drumadravy Books $22.95). "(Smith) was a strong, delightful, cheerful, optimistic celebrant of life and hope a wonderful character whose life should be celebrated," says Cathers, Smith's publisher editor for seven years at the Terrace-based Northern Times newsmagazine. Smith (1904 1988) was a political educator, peace activist, naturalist, environmental columnist, writer of briefs, lobbyist and self educated ecologist who was a comitted leftist, a CCF dissident who spent much of her time championing socialism. "Monnie," Smith's uncle, who as Martin Allerdale Grainger, wrote the seminal Woodsmen of the West, also served as B.C.'s second Chief Forester. 0 920390 05 6

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