Born in Haarlem, Holland, Emmal worked in a sawmill until being drafted into the Dutch Air Force. He later moved to Vancouver with hopes of finding work in a sawmill on False Creek, only to find it burned down on the day of his arrival. In need of work, he made a living as a tree planter on Vancouver Island. Forced to leave the woods due to back problems, he found a job as an appraiser with the B.C. Assessment Authority, then with the Federal Government as a valuation officer for Public Works. The Timbercruisers is his self-published autobiography.

[BCBW 2003]

The Timbercruisers ($13.95)

Dutch-born Bill Endert, also of Sechelt, has melded autobiography into fiction with The Timbercruisers ($13.95), based on the author’s experiences as a worker in the coastal forest industry. “It was the toughness of the job, the people, the danger and the beauty that compelled me to record all of this,” he says. 0-9686865-0-8