WELLNER, Cathryn

Cathryn Wellner is a writer and storyteller who has worked in the 21st century on food systems issues. Robin Jarman is a former music and geographic teacher who has traveled for years as a professional tour director. They combined forces in 2005, "proving there’s never a time when we’re too old to start something wonderful and new," for a blog called Crossroads. Previously she partnered with historian Richard Wright for a variety of projects.

[BCBW 2014]

Overlanders & Castles in the Air

Author of 22 books and a leading historian of the Cariboo gold rush, Richard Thomas Wright has chosen to self-publish his 316-page summary of the epic cross-Canada search for gold from 1858 to 1862 in Overlanders. An update of Wright’s 1985 publication from Western Producer Prairie Books, it’s from his Winter Quarters Press in Williams Lake (Tel: 1-800-583-2880: $27.95) and is available directly from Sandhill Book Marketing. Wright and his partner Cathryn Wellner have also released a companion volume to their new CD (called Rough but honest miner). Both are based on reclaimed music of British Columbia’s 1860s gold rush. The book ($12.95) called Castles in the Air combines Wellner’s storytelling and Wright’s music with a mutual love of history. When the liner notes for the CD became far too extensive, they decided an accompanying text was in order.


‘Grassroots Guide to Year 2000’, Action Y2K (Winter Quarters / Sandhill)

“A bunker mentality, one individual preparing for disaster, is not the answer,” says Cathryn Wellner of Williams Lake. “The real solution is to work as a neighborhood, a clan, a community.” She’s describing the mandate for her ‘Grassroots Guide to Year 2000’, Action Y2K (Winter Quarters / Sandhill), co-authored with her partner Richard T. Wright, who has written 20 books on outdoors and history.