“The flame moves through the kiln like life,” says Linda Doherty. “Make the flame’s path difficult, with obstacles and rough surfaces to slow it down, and the pots emerge with depth, character and vitality.”
Doherty is one of the 126 potters profiled by Carole E. Mayer in Made of Clay: Ceramics of British Columbia (D&M/Potters Guild $40), including Horseshoe Bay pantheist Rhonda Green, author of A Potter’s Manual: Staying Afloat in Mud, and Victoria’s Robin Hoffer, author of The Ceramic Spectrum and Functional Poetry.
“Although I am enticed to work with other materials,” says Doherty, who also edited the coffee table book, “I keep coming back to clay. Clay arouses the senses. And fire gives each piece spirit.” 1-55054-655-4