She Laughed All the Way to the Bank (Raincoast $26.95)

“It’s the difference between a woman and a man driving a car trying to get to a destination,” says banker Connie Roveto, “The woman will ask for directions along the road, but the man won’t.”

Women do their homework, they ask for directions and they’re usually more patient. Cindy Skrukwa has encouraged more women to capitalize on their feminine virtues in She Laughed All the Way to the Bank (Raincoast $26.95), a money management tome directly inspired by a trip to Tofino in 1996.

With three other women near the 30-year mark, Skrukwa, an over-achieving MBA, was thrilled to find a paradise island in Clayoquot owned by one independent woman. “I was constantly bombarded with information about successful men; men who owned things, men who did deals; men of political importance... Deep down I knew it was unfair and unbalanced, and, frankly, I was tired of it.”

Skrukwa left a multinational corporation in Toronto, returned home to Alberta and wrote her guide to financial empowerment for women. The island comes next. 1-55192-282-7