A resident of West Redonda Island and Vancouver, born in 1940, Williams gleaned information on First Nations aquaculture practices from Elizabeth Harry (Keekus) that led to her book Clam Gardens: Aboriginal Mariculture on Canada's West Coast, the first book-length study of the subject. Also see Alfred Waddington entry.


High Slack: Waddington's Gold Road and the Bute Inlet Massacre of 1864 (Transmontanus 4, New Star, 1996)

Dynamite Stories (Self-published, 2000; New Star, 2003)

Clam Gardens (New Star, 2006).

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Dynamite Stories ($10.95)

Taking time from researching her book on the Kwakwaka’wakw pictographs in Kingcome Inlet, Judy Williams gathered Refuge Cove lore for Dynamite Stories (self-published, 2000), tales of explosive hijinks. The often humourous anecdotes were first collected on March 17, 1995 to mark Doris Hope’s 50th year in Refuge Cove on West Redonda Island. A Desolation Sound story by logger Ken MacPherson called ‘First Law of Dynamite: If two sticks are good, four are better’ set the tone. This book was republished in 2003 by New Star Books.

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