PRYCE, Paula

Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
"Keeping the Lakes' Way": Reburial and the Re-Creation of a Moral World among an Invisible People

‘Keeping the Lakes’ Way (UTP $17.95)

Barely known among First Nations of Canada, the Arrow Lakes or Sinixt Interior Salish have been ‘officially’ declared extinct. Paula Pryce’s ‘Keeping the Lakes’ Way (UTP $17.95) investigates how this erroneous declaration was made and how contemporary Sinixt have responded. The author, who grew up in the historical territory of the Interior Salish, near Castlegar, recalls how pilgrimages have been made to an ancient burial ground and village site at Vallican, B.C. since 1989 to protect remains from archaeologists and road-builders. It’s the first book devoted to the Sinixt people. 0-8020-8223-8