FERRIS, Charles

Born in 1914, he claims he experienced 12 dimensions of after-life following a near-fatal accident in South Africa in 1952. Twelve Dimensions purports to explain how the thought patterns, beliefs and interests of earthly lives remain the reality of our immortal selves. The Ghost of Lyalee concerns spontaneous explorations of past lives.


Twelve Dimensions (1988)
Ghost of Lylalee (1989)
A Small Gift (1993)
Angels of Mercy (1993)

[BCBW 2003]

Twelve Dimensions (Sandhill $12.95)

After Charles Ferris had a near-fatal accident in South Africa in 1952, he says he went through 12 possible dimensions of the after-life. His book, Twelve Dimensions (Sandhill $12.95), portrays how the thought patterns, beliefs and interests we manifest during our earthly life remain the reality of our self forever.

[Summer/BCBW 1989]

The Ghost of Lylalee

Completely serious in intent, Charles Ferris' second book, The Ghost of Lylalee (Melville Publications/Sandhill $12.95), is an autobiographical account of past lives.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1914, Ferris discovered E.S.P. capabilities in 1953. His first self-published book this spring, Twelve Dimensions, introduces his concept of 'tangible' immortality.

This second book follows the author's transcendence of time to a cave-dwelling civilization in north-east China where he "experienced in-depth psychological scans by primitive though relatively sophisticated technology…

"Forces from the sun, moon and stars combined with quartz crystal in conjunction with the inner biological computer of a subject, and for Charles, revealed the root of a longstanding psychosomatic problem.

"This life-long problem originated in an attachment for someone called Lylalee who lived 7,300 years ago."

[BCBW Winter 1989] “Spirituality”