Go For Fit (Raincoast $19.95)

I honestly believe that if everybody on earth were exercising regularly,” says Sherri Kwasnicki in Go For Fit (Raincoast $19.95), “we could expect to enjoy world peace.” Such enthusiasm earned Kwasnicki the first Personal Trainer of the Year Award in 1998. Profiled in Self, Fitness and Shape, she’s also a fitness columnist for The Province and Chatelaine, editor and co-founder of Go! magazine, VTV fitness counselor, CanFitPro Canadian Fitness Presenter of the Year—and in the line-up for this year’s Word on the Street. No wonder she stays slim. A Nike and Power-Bar fitness athlete, she’s exercising for world peace and sparing no exclamation marks along the way. “Think about it!” she says. “If people were exercising regularly, they would probably have less time to get into fights... I think we should consider writing to our politicians to suggest they cut the defence budget and spend the money on getting the 80 percent of our population that is sedentary hooked on exercise.”

Subtitled ‘The Winning Way to Fat Loss’, Kwasnicki’s inspirational, whole-life approach is an alternative to diets (“research is conclusive... with 98 percent of people gaining the weight back”) and high-tempo fitness classes.
According to Go For Fit, young girls are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer or losing their parents. The average North American woman is five-foot-four, weighs 140 pounds and wears a size 14 dress; the ideal woman portrayed by models and movie stars is five-foot-seven, weighs 100 pounds and wears a size eight. “Body hatred and dissatisfaction are hardly reserved for the morbidly obese,” she says. “Many women who clearly have very little body fat to lose are not happy with their body proportions. Take control of your happiness today!”

Her workbook, endorsed by Rick Hansen, contains drills and homework assignments to increase self-esteem. The goal is permanent fat loss, longer life and a better world. “When you are 70 years old, would you rather be confined to a rocking chair in a nursing home or out hiking the mountains, cross-country skiing through the woods, kayaking the oceans and playing with your grandkids? It is your choice. If you are not enjoying the life or the body you want now or when you are older, you have no one to blame but yourself.” 1-55192-264-9