Born in Vancouver on March 3, 1913, Faulknor has been a bank clerk, mill worker, artillery gunner, army-marine diesel engineer, student-veteran at UBC, provincial land inspector, freelance newspaper columnist, associate editor of Country Guide magazine, land appraiser and member of the Alberta Land Compensation Board, in that order. Author of ten books, he has quit his writing career to pursue painting.

Selected Publications:

Johhny Eagleclaw. Edmonton: LeBel, 1982.
Pen & Plow. Winnipeg: Public, 1976.
The Smoke Horse. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1968; also London, UK: Dent, 1968.
The White Peril. Boston & Toronto: Litte, Brown, 1966; also London, UK: Dent, 1968.
The White Calf. Boston & Toronto: Litte, Brown, 1965; also London, UK: Dent, 1966; Richmond Hill, Ontario: Scholastic, 1973

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