Review of the author's work by BC Studies:
From Hudson Bay to Haro Strait: Books on Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, A Collectors' Guide


Kim Whale, one of the organizers of the recent Victoria Antiquarian Book Fair, has published a 350-page reference guide listing 1,754 hard-to-find titles pertaining to Western Canada. His Hudson's Bay to Haro Strait (Rockland $100) also includes contemporary prices for collectors. "I've been working on it for about six years," says Whale, a former CBC radio host and producer. "There's nothing like it available on B.C. books, nor for that matter, on the books of any region of Canada." The average price per out-of-print title is around $100; a full set of the 40-volume The North American Indian by pioneer photographer Edward S. Curtis is going for $300,000. Order from Rockland Books, 1706 Rockland Ave., Victoria, B.C. V8S 1W8.

[BCBW 1998]