MEDVED, Maureen

Author Tags: Fiction, Film

Maureen Medved grew up in Winnipeg and has lived and worked in Montreal and London. She received her MFA from UBC and has performed monologues from her novel, The Tracey Fragments (House of Anansi Press, 1998; Groundwood 2007). Bruce McDonald directed her screen adaptation of this work for The Tracey Fragments which won the Manfred Salzgeber Prize at the 57th annual Berlin Film Festival in 2007. Medved's plays have been produced in Vancouver, Waterloo and Toronto. She lives in Vancouver and has taught at the Creative Writing Program at UBC.

[BCBW 2007] "Fiction" "Movie"

The Tracey Fragments (Anansi $17.95)

Naked under a tattered shower curtain, 15-year-old Tracey Berkowitz sits at the back of a bus, confessing her hopes and fantasies as she searches for her little brother, Sonny, who thinks he's a dog. As the horror of her upbringing is exposed, Tracey's stories twist the truth and take us in with games and delusions she uses to escape her despair. In Maureen Medved's The Tracey Fragments (Anansi $17.95) the adolescent in crisis emerges through storms of the mind and a winter blizzard as the heroine scavenges for hope. 0-88784-6122

[BCBW 1998]